Welcome new maker!

Glad you joined us.

To access all the cool resources here at Make Nashville, you’ll need an electronic key fob and some paperwork completed. Here’s what you need to do next:

  • Complete our onboarding form.
  • Sign our liability waiver.
  • Drop by the space with your photo ID during: 
  • We’ll confirm your information and, if you selected a non-standard membership category, your military, senior or student status.
  • Then, we’ll make your golden ticket, actually a red key fob.

With your paperwork completed and keyfob in hand, we’ll send you an invitation to Slack, our primary communication tool at Make Nashville. You’ll need to add a photo of yourself there.

Orientations for each shop are required so that you can safely make the best use of our resources. Sign up for most of those can be found on Eventbrite. The Woodshop orientation signup is here. If you can’t make a scheduled orientation, you can request one from a member on Slack.

Looking forward to seeing you around our makerspace!