Ty Lee Costume

This month we are featuring some works by Ryn Bunn.  These include Ty Lee from Avatar The Last Airbender, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter as well as some hand bags.

Ty Lee from Avatar The Last Airbender:

The outfit is made from knit, and the “skirt” panels are made from twill. The collar and skirt panels have stiff interfacing inside them to keep them stiff and sticking out. The pattern for this was all custom made by Ryn.

Harry Potter:

The red robe with yellow numbers: These are Harry and Ginny from Harry Potter in their Quidditch robes (Movie 6 – The Half Blood Prince.) They are made from satin, with the shiny side on the inside. The numbers and lines were made with a custom iron on transfer, which Ryn painted over with fabric paint to make them more visible. The gold around the hoodie pocket on the front is hand made piping. There are eyelets all down both sides, laced with leather cording. This was made with an altered dress pattern.

The black robe with the red hair: This is Lilly Evans from Harry Potter.  It is a polyester blend black suiting fabric. The sleeves and hood are lined with red satin, shiny side on the inside. It was made with an altered cloak pattern.

Hand Bags:
The black linen bag is lined with quilting cotton (not visible.) The stitching is machine embroidery along the edges, with a satin stitched flower in the bottom corner. The flower was free hand drawn onto the fabric and then Ryn followed the lines with the machine.

Here is a leather patchwork bag that Ryn made at the space. She cut out different leather pieces and lined them up, then punched small holes at ½ inch intervals and hand stitched them together with thick embroidery thread. She then lined it in dark green embossed satin (not visible.)


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November 10, 2017