Letter_June 2020

Hi Everybody!!! Greetings to all you wonderful MAKERS out there!!

The Board and I hope everyone is staying healthy and doing their best to MAKE the best of this strange time in our lives!

As you all know, the Makerspace has been closed to the public due to COVID-19, but it has not been idle! There’s been lots of activity with theMAKING of cloth and 3D face mask or shields, along with Ventilator creation partnering with Vandy and Fort Houston. You can check it out on our newly designed MAKENASHVILLE.ORG website!

And now for some other NEWS and PROJECTS for you.

MAKING and SHARING are at the heart of MAKE NASHVILLE’s mission so if you are interested in participating in any of the following projects, please contact us at board@makenashville.org.

  • We want to MAKE some community gardens and/or put raised-bed boxes on people’s lawns in order to GROW and SHARE fresh organic veggies! We’re looking for help getting donated wood, soil, seeds and available yards or empty lots for growing. Also folks for building the raised beds, sowing seeds and helping with watering, maintenance and harvesting.
  • We are MAKING calendars so that as we open, members can sign up to use Makerspace shops with pre-scheduled “appointments”. In order to honor “social distancing” rules not more than 3-5 people should be working in a shop at any one time (depending on the size of the shop) so they can maintain a good distance between each other. We’ll be asking you to sign up on a calendar for the shop you want to work in, then come to MAKE your projects at your designated time, avoid showing up without an appointment, and allow a good 15-20 minutes at the end of your time for cleaning up your work area.
  • We want your stories! If you have a story about how MAKING and the MN MAKERSPACE have changed your life, helped you realize a dream, or in any other manner affected your life in a positive way, please SHARE it with us! We want more folks here MAKING their dreams come true; YOU can help us get the word out about our fabulous MAKERSPACE!
  • We are looking for more virtual ways to keep everyone engaged in MAKING and SHARING. We’re thinking of webinars, videos, podcasting, written/spoken tips and tricks, whatever YOU think would be interesting and do-able. If any of you have experience in how to do those things (especially webinars), we need your help to MAKE this project work!

As a member-driven organization Make Nashville is only as strong as the involvement of its members. So we are asking that you join us in carrying out our mission. MN will benefit greatly from your insights and contributions! Please feel free to contact the Board directly at Board@makenashville.org, and:

  • Volunteer for a Committee or a Group Project.
  • Share your ideas for classes, events, workshops, projects…
  • Let us know what issues are important to you.
  • Share any information you feel the MN Board should be aware of.