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We offer unique and fun group learning experiences for team building and corporate events.

Corporate Outings

We offer half- and full-day corporate outings. Half-day experiences are 4 hours, with morning (8am-12pm) and afternoon (1pm-5pm) slots. Full-day experiences are 8 hours (8am-5pm) and include a 1-hour catered lunch break.

Half day (4 hours) Full day (8 hours + 1 hour lunch)
Groups of 2-12 $600 $1100
Groups of 13-24  $1100 $2000


We offer a range of learning experiences. They include:

Custom Options Available

If the above options aren’t quite what you’re looking for, we can design a custom curriculum for you at a rate of $50 per hour. We estimate that for each hour of instruction, we will need an hour of curriculum design time. If you require a specific technology, that cost per student will be added to the total.

Thank you for your interest in Make Nashville’s hands-on learning experiences.

How do I begin planning my visit?

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