What is a makerspace?

A makerspace can be defined as a place where like minded individuals come together to learn, create, collaborate and experiment.

Make Nashville’s makerspace can be thought of as a gym but instead of being packed with exercise equipment our space is packed with all kinds of really cool tools that our members get to use in their journey of making things.

If you aren’t sure how to use one of our tools or have a project that is over your head you’ve also come to the right place. We know that coming into a place like this can be overwhelming which is why we have an extensive workshop program to ensure that if you want to learn something you will have the opportunity.

Make Nashville Makerspace

I think I am ready to sign up now.

Becoming a member is easy to do just follow this — link — and you are one step closer to learning and making with Make Nashville.

So what kind of cool stuff do you have?

  • 3D Printers
  • Sewing Lab stocked with sewing machines, large table space, needles, and more.
  • Electronics Lab with oscilloscopes, soldering stations, components, and more.
  • Main work area has several large tables on casters so the space can be arranged for your project easily.
  • Wood shop has all the woodworking tools you’d expect to find plus a CNC router and a lathe.
  • Graphics lab has two large format printers, a vinyl cutter, paper sheer, large work tables, lamination tools.
  • Metal Shop has two welding machines and a metal chop saw. More coming soon
  • Pottery area has a digitally controlled kiln and a raku setup
  • Member tool storage is available as well so you don’t have to pack up your personally owned small tool items every time you leave.
  • Break room is setup with a fridge, ice, restrooms, chairs and tables so you can stay refreshed. BYOB please

That’s cool but what can I learn?

We host all kinds of awesome workshops such as but not limited to…

  • 3D Printing – Beginners, Advanced, and everywhere in between.
  • CNC Router Fundamentals
  • Papercrafting
  • Costume Making
  • Sign Making and Printworks
  • Powerwheels Racing

That’s not all though click here to view all our current workshop offerings.

I’m sold, show me the space!

Click on the section text for an action shot of that space.


Metal Shop


Graphics Lab

Wood Shop

Break Room

Maker Lounge

Main Work Area

Electronics Lab

3D Printers Alley

Fabric Lab






Where do I sign up?

Becoming a member is easy to do just follow this — link — and you are one step closer to making with Make Nashville.