SewBros – Dude-Focused Sewing Skillz with Mito


Are you a utilitarian MacGyver type with pockets ripped from your cargos, corners torn in your ammo bag, or lace unraveling from your garter? Sew am I, bro. Let’s fix those torn garments with whatever we can find while comparing scars and tats, knocking back a cold one, and sharing our feelings. Seriously, let’s Sew Bro.

We’re keeping up with our weekly sewing lab time – BUT we wanted to reach out to the guys and create a space where they feel welcomed to come in and sew. (Something that dudes generally aren’t known for doing.)

Don’t worry ladies – we’re working on women’s wood shop & welding classes :D. AND you can still come for open lab night ANY and EVERY Monday :).

(Folks of any gender are always welcomed to attend whatever workshop or event we put on – we just really like to try to do things that bend what’s “normal”.)

We’re asking $7 for non-members and $5 for members. You can pre-register here…

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