FREE 3D Thursday! (Open to the public)


**NOTE: This meeting is changing to a twice-a-month meeting (second and fourth Thursdays!)**

Are you into 3D design and/or printing?

Do you want to be into 3D printing but you just have no clue where to start?

We’ve got you covered! Each second Thursday we will focus on 3D Modeling topics (CAD/CAM) and each fourth Thursday we’ll focus on 3D Printing. Please also go to to check out our workshops — we often have 3D topics-related workshops listed there.

3D Thursdays are a time we’re setting aside for *ANYONE* to come in and learn and share about the tools they’re using, techniques they’ve tried, projects they’re making, and resources they know of for 3D printing.

Afterwards, go hang out at Nomzilla for drinks & sushi. (They’re 3D printing-loving-fools over there and we LOVE them for it.)

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