We need your support!

Here are some current fundraising goals and recommended donations:

Please note donations for which you do not receive any direct benefit may be tax-deductible, depending on your situation.  We provide donation receipts.  Please consult a tax professional for more precise guidance. Note, however, that makerspace membership fees are not eligible for tax deduction. 


1) Become a Make Nashville Makerspace Member

Support the space by becoming a member!

Learn more about our space here.


2) Buy something from our Amazon Wish List

We have set up several wish lists on Amazon with items we need for the different areas and shops within the makerspace.

Click here to see our Amazon Wish Lists


3) Maker Faire 2016 expenses ($1000)

We had various expenses related to Maker Faire 2015, including tents, poster materials, and other related materials.  Money raised will offset those expenses (1/2 of the money will go to that) and start an event fund for future events.

Recommended donation: $20 to $50

4) Maker Faire 2017 License ($2500)

We would like to run Maker Faire 2017 through our own non-profit organization. If we can raise the funds early enough, we can make this the first year that the full event is being run through Make Nashville and can be part of our overall fundraising strategy.

Recommended donation: $20 to $100

5) Supporting non-member donation

Being a maker and participant in Make Nashville meetups is free. If you’re not interested in full makerspace membership, you can STILL help support our programming!

Recommended donation: Whatever you are able to give 🙂
*Until we have our full shopping cart set up, please be sure to send us a brief email letting us know about your donation so we can keep records and send out receipts, acknowledgements, and (if applicable) any rewards.

GOAL ACHIEVED in 2015! – We raised enough to file as a federal non-profit


GOAL ACHIEVED in 2015/2016! – We got over 100 Founders to start our Makerspace and fund Young Maker facilities, equipment, and programming!