We Need Your Support!

Here are some good ways to support your local Makerspace. You can also make a direct donation!

Please note: Donations for which you do not receive any direct benefit may be tax-deductible, depending on your situation. We provide donation receipts. Please consult a tax professional for more precise guidance. Note, however, that makerspace membership fees are not eligible for tax deduction.



We take cash, check, and digital donations (online through PayPal and Stripe).

Coming soon!


Cash donations should be brought to the makerspace.  Please do not give a cash donation without getting a cash receipt and please be sure to email payments@makenashville.org with details of your cash donation so that we can send you an official donation receipt for your tax records.
Checks can be mailed or brought in person to the makerspace and should be made out to Make Nashville.
Our address is:
Make Nashville
947 Woodland St.
Nashville, TN  37220
Thank you for your generosity!  We promise to put your donations to good use furthering our mission to transform lives and communities by providing tools, skill-building learning opportunities, wonder-inspiring events, and ongoing support.