Anyone is welcome to come to our monthly meetups and be a part of our Facebook community, but to become a member of the space and to gain tool access, you’ll need to become a member.  Here is how:

Makerspace Membership

Welcome to Make Nashville! We are thrilled that you are interested in becoming a member of the makerspace. Please choose one or more of the options below. If you have any questions or concerns please be sure to contact us at

New Memberships
  • Standard Makerspace - Single person to have access to the makerspace and all of the tools and equipment within.
  • Platetone Member - Same as Standard Makerspace member but only for current paying members of Platetone.  
  • Student / Senior / Military / Unemployed / Hardship - Discounted standard membership.
  • Family - Standard membership for up to two adults and one child.
  • Standard Annual - Standard membership for one year with one month free.
  • Supporter Limited use access (once a month or so, honor system). 

*All members must be trained on safe and proper use of the tools prior to using them.  Training is available on a regular basis for all areas of the makerspace.  All memberships include discounted rates on workshops and invitations to members-only events.  All memberships are billed monthly on a recurring basis with the exception of the Standard Annual which is billed as a single installment. 

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